Our Mission:

The mission of the Yamhill Enrichment Society is to enrich Yamhill County with projects supporting education & the arts, food & agriculture, and history & community. YES strives to find innovation, creativity, collaboration and efficiency in all of its endeavors.

How We Work:

  • YES identifies existing projects with potential and helps take them to a new level.
  • YES creates new projects based on potential for building community and board interest.
  • YES brings together groups that don’t typically collaborate, but whose interests overlap.
  • YES serves as a catalyst for other non-profits, raising money they wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • YES considers all projects through a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.
  • Our Symbol:

    The native Oregon White Oak, symbol of strength, longevity, and stability, depends on a strong root system for its majestic character. Taking a cue from the oak, YES nourishes Yamhill County at its roots to grow a strong, vibrant community.

    The Yamhill Enrichment Society was founded in January 2011 by Susan Sokol Blosser.